Meet Our Staff

  • Kenneth Ness – Owner

    Ken started Express Disposal back in 2000 with a single roll off truck and has worked to grow the company into what it is today. His passion and hard work is the driving force behind Express Disposal. He still enjoys jumping in a truck or turning a wrench in the shop. You might catch him delivering a roll off box or picking up your trash.

  • Kurt Redfern – Account Representative


    Kurt began working at Express Disposal back in 2003 as a roll off driver. When Express Disposal began offering residential and commercial services Kurt volunteered to take those routes on. As Express Disposal grew he transitioned into an office role where he dispatched trucks and began selling commercial services. Today he spends his time expanding our customer base and ensuring our customers are well taken care of and have the services they need. If you are looking for service or have questions feel free to give him a call.

  • Sean Partridge – Dispatch/Customer Service


    Sean started working at Express Disposal in 2013 as a residential route driver before venturing into commercial and roll off trucks. Today he works mostly in the office dispatching the trucks and assisting customers with their needs.

  • Ashley LeMay – AR/AP


    Ashley started in 2011 as a customer service representative and currently heads up our accounts receivable/payable department.

  • Kayla Sauer – Customer Service Representative


    Kayla started working at Express Disposal in 2015. She enjoys answering the phone and assisting customers with their needs. In addition to helping customers she also handles the billing for our roll off customers.

  • Connie Sonnentag – Customer Service Representative


    Connie started working at Express Disposal in 2016. From helping new customers get set up for service to assisting customers with any concerns or questions, Connie is here to help.

  • Kati Lorenz – Customer Service Representative


    Kati started at Express Disposal in  in 2019. She enjoys having projects assigned to her and is great at completing them quickly. She also helps with answering phones, sending out contracts,  and assisting customers with their needs.