Curbside Garbage Pickup

We have 3 Cart sizes available for our customers to choose from to fit their needs.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. We provide affordable curbside waste removal services that you can rely on. Our residential garbage collection service includes a wheeled cart for convenience, safety and aesthetics.


This is good for households that produce 1 or 2 bags of garbage.


This is good for households that produce 3 to 4 bags of garbage.


This is the largest container we offer for curbside. Its good for larger households that produce 5 to 6 bags of garbage.

Residential Waste Service

2yd Dumpster

The 2-Yard Dumpster is one of our most popular dumpsters. It is ideal for residential households who need more capacity than a cart. The container has two lids for easy loading and wheels for convenience of placement. It is a durable plastic dumpster with a steel frame.  The 2yd dumpster capacity is roughly 4-5 95 gallon carts or 3/4 of a pickup truck load. It is a very versatile dumpster that can be picked up once a week, every other week, or once a month.

4yd Dumpster

The 4-Yard Container is commonly used on farms or for multi-family households. It is a popular dumpster for agricultural use as it has a 72”X 114” opening for loading material.  It is an all steel stationary dumpster that can handle a more rigid use. The capacity of the 4yd is roughly 1.5 pickup loads or eight to ten 95 gallon carts. The frequency of service may be scheduled as often as needed.

6yd Dumpster

The 6-Yard container is an all steel dumpster and has a 72”X 114”opening for easy loading. This container is ideal for larger farm operations. It is a stationary dumpster with the capacity of roughly 2 to 2.5 pick up loads. The frequency of tips can be scheduled to accommodate your volume of material.  This can also be ordered as a one-time temporary use for small cleanup projects.

8yd Dumpster

The 8-Yard Dumpster is our largest frontload container. It has all steel construction with a 72”X 114”opening.  This dumpster is typically used in apartment buildings or large agricultural operations. Capacity is 3 to 3.5 pickup loads. They can be set up to be tipped weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on your disposal needs.  This can also be ordered as a one time temporary use for small cleanup projects.

At Express Disposal we offer varied residential services according to area. We offer curbside garbage pickup and in some areas we also offer curbside recycling.

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