Full Service Transfer Station - Thorp, WI

Our Thorp Wisconsin location offers a full service transfer station where you are able to bring your waste.  Construction material, shingles, garbage and recycling are disposed of by weight while some bulky items have a specific rate.

Drop off Items and Fees

TRASH-General Household Trash

  • $68.00 per ton
  • Minimum Fee-$30.00

RECYCLING-Glass, Plastic, Aluminum, Tin, Paper, Cardboard

  • $70.00 per Ton-.0350 per pound
  • Minimum Fee-$10.00


  • $68.00 per ton
  • Minimum Fee-$30.00


  • $35.00 per Ton-.0175 per pound
  • Minimum Fee-$30.00

Freon Appliances-refrigerators, freez- ers-$25.00 Each

Non Freon Appliances-washers,dryers and dishwashers-$15.00 each

Items With Specific Fees

Mattress- $10.00 Each Tires:

  • Car or light truck-$10.00
  • Heavy Truck-$30.00 Minimum or $290.00 per ton.
  • Tractor-$50.00 minimum or $290.00 per ton.

TV’s -Up to 36” Plastic-$48.00 Each
TV’s –Over 36” and consoles $70.00 & up
Monitors, Laptops-$38.00 Each
Computer Towers-$35.00 each
Modems, Printers, Scanners, Fax, VCR, DVR-$10.00 Each
Computer Peripherals-Keyboards, Mice, Speakers, Drives, Cell
Phones-$15.00 Each
Each Copiers-$70.00 & up
Waste Oil-FREE

WE DO NOT ACCEPT THE FOLLOWING ITEMS: Hazardous Waste, Fluorescent Bulbs, Yard Waste, Batteries and Anti-Freeze.

All Loads Must Be Tarped
Prices Subject to Change Without Notice